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Julianna_2nd_Look-019_LowResIn search of a way to manage stress, anxiety and depression, Julianna began her daily meditation practice 20 years ago. After her first intensive mindfulness retreat, 18 years ago, she saw the potential of mindfulness practice to bring her the peace she was hoping to find. This led to a rigorous practice schedule of immersive training in mindfulness and zen several times yearly, which has been ongoing and has had a profoundly positive impact on her life. 15 years ago she began training others in mindfulness meditation. Currently Julianna works with individuals engaged in personal growth, performance professionals and executives in the corporate environment, offering one on one and group training to integrate mindfulness on all levels. Numerous scientific studies have shown clear and wide ranging benefits of mindfulness including improved focus and productivity, strengthened immune system, lower stress and increased resilience and creativity. As a trainer, Julianna’s approach with her clients is highly interactive, refining and optimizing your practice time through skilled guidance and strategizing seamless integration of mindfulness techniques into the activities of your life, such as eating, exercise and in conversation. This has the effect of accelerating your practice, improving emotional intelligence, heightening your overall engagement and enabling you to derive greater satisfaction from your experiences. Using the system of Basic Mindfulness, which has been researched at Carnegie Mellon, Harvard Medical Center and the University of Vermont, Julianna’s emphasis is on finding those specific mindfulness strategies most relevant to the individual. This makes optimal use of your time when you’re on the go and gives you invaluable tools for self empowerment, freeing you to effectively address any and all life circumstances as well as enriching all the activities of your life. Having facilitated people in their practice for over 14 years, both privately and in group trainings, Julianna’s goal is to support and accelerate your individual practice, whether beginning or advanced.

In mindfulness, the greatest benefit comes from first hand knowledge and experience. Just as a physical trainer improves your workout, working with a mindfulness meditation trainer deepens and strengthens your skills, providing the necessary perspective, feedback and support so you maximize the potential of your practice. Julianna’s purpose as a Personal Mindfulness Trainer is to address your needs and interests one-on-one, working together to create a practice tailor-made for you. You will clarify what mindfulness meditation can offer and address what you specifically hope to achieve. You’ll explore your interests and predispositions to come up with a form of practice that suits you best, or adjust your pre-existing practice for optimal results. Sessions consist of improving your skillfulness, strategizing integration with your specific life conditions and bringing clarity to the range of mindfulness tools at your disposal and the impact they have in your life. Adjustments are made as needed and as your practice evolves. These sessions are 1 hour in length and the recommended frequency is once per week. While most clients work once a week, some prefer to work more than once a week and others work bi-weekly. Unlike psychotherapy, personal issues are not analyzed in conversation, except as a way to further your mindfulness. Your mindfulness practice also provides an excellent complement to any other self-healing work you may be doing. In fact, your practice will enhance all the activities of your life.

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  1. Michael O'Keefe September 16, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    Just wanted to say, “Three Full Bows” for the weekend training. You clarified some important points for me. Hopefully, our paths will cross sometime. Yrs, M. O’K.

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