Deepen Your Practice

Looking to Deepen Your Practice?

For many practitioners, meditation becomes a refuge or a daily vacation. It’s a place you go to recharge your batteries and/or escape the daily grind for a few peaceful moments. There is nothing wrong with using meditation in this way and if that’s all you ever do or feel compelled to do, that’s plenty. However, if you’re interested in weaving it more seamlessly into your day, so all the activities of your life become a meditation, that takes some practice.

Pop Go Zen teaches you techniques to heighten your experience of anything you focus on, increase your fulfillment in all areas of your life and reduce stress. These techniques can be applied to simple tasks throughout your day. For example, you might practice as you exercise, do the dishes, or stand on line at the post office. This can have tremendous benefits. It means you’re not limited to the cushion or to one object of focus for your daily practice so you’re feeling the rewards of meditation throughout more of your day. Over time this builds a momentum so that more and more often you are being meditated. The effort drops away. This also becomes a subtle service you offer to everyone you come into contact with. From the kindness you show to someone on the street, to the way you pick up your cup of coffee, you’re communicating the effects of your practice. When you’re able to maintain meditative awareness in your daily activities, people around you subtly experience a kind of radical caring. They may not recognize it as such but it will have it’s effect.

Recently after a yoga class, I was passing someone with my mat in hand. He said “don’t you wish you could keep that post yoga buzz going all day long?” With a solid mindfulness practice, you can. Like Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation is a practice that ripples through more and more of your life over time. It’s a set of attentional skills you take with you everywhere and can do at any time to experience life in a richer, more fulfilling way.

My goal is to help you forge a path from the cushion into daily life so that over time, the refuge becomes any and all experiences and there is nothing to escape from. That is the true potential of this practice.

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