PGZ For Artists & Performers

The practice of meditation offers a surprising range of benefits to the artist and performer :

  • Relaxation techniques can soothe pre-show and pre-audition jitters
  • Scientifically proven to aid with stress reduction and sleep which helps performers look and feel younger, increases energy and helps maintain overall health.
  • Increases your confidence by helping you cultivate and maintain your sense of self worth independent of conditions.
  • Optimizes your down time on set, in the green room, or in any “waiting” environment.
  • Helps you find a healthy balance in your mind, giving you a solid foundation from which to soar creatively and positively affecting the balance in all aspects of your life.
  • Removes impediments to complete self expression by:

a. helping you focus away from and quiet the inner critic
b. enabling you to develop a deeper connection to the audience and/or fellow performers.
c. allowing you to lose yourself more fully in the process of performing.
d. helping you let go of psychological attachments or resistance that interfere with performing.
e. teaching you to anchor your awareness in the present moment.

“People respond to ‘good energy.’ People also imagine good energy is generated by positivity. In fact, good energy is generated by authenticity: the ability to act and react naturally and genuinely in any given moment. Performers intuitively know this. When you perform honestly you speak to the universal and become a mirror to the true self. You offer a way to connect with your humanity and spiritual essence through the vehicle of emotional experience, sound, physicality, language and visual storytelling. This requires an open instrument, unimpeded by self-judgement or egoistic preoccupations. As a performer, your instrument is your whole self. Whether playing a musical instrument or a character, the best players immerse themselves completely in the process. However well you may do this, there is always a new opportunity to go deeper, keeping the process exciting and alive. Meditation is a set of attentional skills which can be cultivated and strengthened. These skills enable you to have greater focus, awareness and self acceptance, to better serve your purpose as an artist and as a human being.” – Julianna Raye

As a personal meditation trainer Julianna helps you find creative and compelling ways to integrate meditation into your preparation, your performance and your daily life. Each of us has different interests and needs at any given time. Julianna offers you tools and options to keep you engaged in the process and make it meaningful for you so you see results which will last a lifetime, ever deepening as your practice develops.

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