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Learn Basic Mindfulness: A robust system Boasting Breakthrough Results at Harvard Medical Center. See the proof in Your Own Accelerated Insight & Growth. Take the pressure off, reboot and recharge.

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As featured on ABC News, LA, your trainer Julianna Raye offers her expertise in Mindfulness & Zen in an industrial strength system designed to optimize your time, enriching the quality of your experience, moment by moment Julianna Raye

Meditate with Music

Struggle to sit in silence? How to Meditate with Music trains you in the life changing skills of mindfulness while listening to your favorite music, for a dynamic, revelatory practice that strengthens your creativity, clarity and inner peace.

“I must say that though I started out resisting or not believing I could do this, you have already taken me further along the path to what I believe is true meditation than anyone else ever has. I applaud your method, your program and you.”


“Julianna has been a wonderful teacher whose instructions have exposed me to whole new dimensions of my experience. It takes a skilled teacher, like Julianna, with a lot of experience and ingenuity to be able to guide one to new facets of experience, revealing the deeper complexity of one’s mind and experience of the world. Julianna has done this for me. Her instructions aside, she has also shown a kind and generous character, in offering me her time and mentorship when I needed help in my practice. Considering her proficiency in exploring the mind, and her selfless desire to teach others, I would happily recommend Julianna to anyone as a meditation teacher.”


“As a Transpersonal Psychologist, I look for meditation programs like yours that aren’t difficult for my clients to learn and practice.  Your program is perfect for anyone to do at home.  They can watch the videos over and over again to more deeply understand mindfulness meditation and learn to apply it to their daily lives.  You have made it simple and straightforward.  I will recommend this program to anyone looking for peace, clarity and a meditation practice.”


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  • The Gift of Your Meditation Practice

    I started my meditation practice because of a problem that needed to be solved. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and wanted to avoid medication. A therapist suggested a couple of simple practices and that was the beginning of my 18 year (and counting) odyssey! Maybe you’re drawn to meditation for similar reasons. You’re […]

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  • Is Sound Healing???

      A few weeks ago a group of friends went on an adventure to the desert. It all started because two very talented friends, Rufus Wainwright and his sister Lucy, were playing a show at Pappy and Harriets, in Pioneer town. I’ve known Rufus for many years and even toured in his band a few […]

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  • Benefits of Meditation for the Brain

    The Benefits of Meditation for the Brain Last year, I got an email about a unique study being conducted at UCLA. Researchers were looking for volunteers with extensive meditation experience. They were conducting MRIs to compare meditators’ brains to non-meditators. This intrigued me. Would they find something significant about my brain? How significant? I’m competitive […]

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